Downloading Volunteer Information

Beverly 3 years ago updated by Brad Brown (Answers in Genesis - Web Development) 3 years ago 4

I see where I can download the student registration information into an Excel spreadsheet from the Manage Students tab; however, I do not see that option on the Manage Volunteers tab. I would very much like to download my volunteer information into an Excel spreadsheet as well. How can I see the complete information on my Volunteers?


We're working on the volunteer download option. We expect it to be available in the next update which should be available in the next week or so.

For now, you can see your list of volunteers on the volunteers page in the people section. Click on a volunteer to see their basic information. From that page, you can click "edit" at the top to see everything.


I just saw that the download button is now available on the volunteers page. Thank you so much! This will be extremely helpful.

Could the date of registration be added to the volunteer download?  I see that information on the student download, and having it on the volunteer download would also be very helpful.  Thank you.

Thanks for the suggestion. I've passed it onto the team for consideration.