How do I print my volunteer name list?

brendawhitwam 3 years ago updated by janahawkins23 3 years ago 5
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That's a great question, which apparently we never thought to ask. We currently don't have a print option.

You can view the list on-screen on either the Volunteer page or the Leadership Chart, both of which can be reached through the People section of MyAnswers.

I have raised the issue with the team, and we'll look into creating appropriate volunteer reports.

I would be interested in this option too! Maybe an option so we can download their information similar to the student excel download?


We will be adding both a print and download option. I'm not sure whether or not we will be able to get it done in time for our next software update, but we will get it implemented.


We don't yet have a print version, but we have implemented the ability to export the volunteer data as a CSV file. There now is a button for that on the Volunteers page.

I am also interested in this, but in a slightly different way. Would it be possible (how you have it to print off the children's name tags) to print off volunteer name tags the same way? That would be very useful to us since we use the lanyards for our workers.

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