Under review

No, not at this time.

We currently have Operation Arctic set up. We are working on Ocean Commotion, and expect to have it available very soon. We do plan on supporting Camp Kilimanjaro, but I don't have an estimate for when that will be available.

Sorry I don't have more specific details to provide you.

ok, thank you... do you foresee weeks or months for an eta on these ?...or can you not say at this time?

or is the old sytem still available until august for this ?...i thought i saw somewhere that it was


At this time, I really can't provide any good estimate. There is a great deal of content that must be added for each theme, and the team that does that also provides content for Answers in Genesis and Answers Magazine. It all comes down to how quickly they'll be able to get that done on top of their current workload.