How can I prevent anyone who is not designated Director from deleting a registration? We don't want our Coordinators to have the ability to do that accidentally.

Kyle Carnahan 1 year ago updated by Scott Thomas (Answers in Genesis - Web Development) 1 year ago 1

We would like to invite coordinators for music, prayer and other tasks to access the tool for items specific to their role.  We would love to be able to limit what they can view -- specifically detailed registration information for each child.  If there is no way to limit that, we would want to make sure that none of our volunteers could inadvertently delete a registration before we would either be comfortable sharing the tool with volunteers or using the tool to handle registrations.  Would it be possible to restrict the ability to delete registrations to specific roles, such as Director?  Is it possible that a feature enhancement allowing that would come before churches would begin registrations for 2019 VBS?


Hello Kyle,

The role each Coordinator is assigned will determine the permissions they have. You can view the roles and there permissions on the Coordinators page. People --> Coordinators --> Coordinators Settings --> Role dropdown. Selecting a role will show the permissions associated with it.

We do not currently have a role that is unable to view registration information, but it does make sense to have a role like that.
We are looking into updating the role permissions, but I am unable to provide a time frame as to when the roles will be updated.