When I click on Resources it tells me page not found

bdavies3 1 year ago updated by Scott Thomas (Answers in Genesis - Web Development) 4 months ago 5

Hello Barbara,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We will have a developer look at this in the morning. As a work around for now, you can use this link: https://myanswers.com/vbs/manage/4375/library/

We will let you know when we have a fix in place.



I'm having the same problem and using the link doesn't help for me, as it says that permission is required to access this page.

Melodie I got an email today asking me to give you permission to access my VBS, lol...perhaps it's a link only to me? I don't know.

ha! Sorry, must be - thanks anyway!

Yes, sorry for the confusion Melodie, that link is specific to Barbara's VBS. Scott will reply to your request for a workaround link in the topic you posted: https://myanswers.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/1132-404-page-not-found