Date field pop up does not go back far enough

When entering the students birthdate. The date popup ranges from 2009 - 2029. They range needs to go back to at least 2005. If we click on an earlier year and and then try to change the year again, the drop down will display earlier years. Most participants will not figure this out on there own and will not be able to enter the correct birth year. See attached screen shot.


Satisfaction mark by Rindi Correlli 1 year ago
Under review

Hi Rindi,

Thanks for contacting us. I agree that this is an issue, and will create a task to fix the range. We really don't need the student birth year picker to go into the future, for obvious reasons... I'll update you when I know more.


I had that issue when registering my son.  I clicked on 2009 and more years popped up after that but I couldn't scroll through it to find it.

Will be answered

Hi Rindi and Joanna,

Thanks for your feedback--we have a fix for this on the way! It should be improved by the end of the month.