can I print my name tags horizontal

cheridtyler 4 years ago updated by Adriana Krauss 3 years ago 5

Is there a way to print my name tags horizontal?


We do not have a way to print horizontal nametags from within MyAnswers. 

You can download the participant data and print it using mail merge in word processor or an online tool like http://www.avery.com/


We print name tags horizontally (landscape), as well. I'm not a fan of the vertical ones - lanyards are already long on kids and vertical tags make them even longer! Plus, our badge holders are all horizontal! This would be a welcome option if the design team is willing to create it!

agreed - horizontal as an option would be really nice


Thanks for your feedback--we will take it into consideration.


This year, I printed labels (with the Time Lab logo and animal of the day) for the children attending vbs and used the name badges for all church staff. This worked great as it differentiates children attending from Staff or younger volunteers; we have 12 and up helping as Staff in the Craft and Games areas. 

The name badges are easy to print if you're using Avery's program. All needed to have done was to "edit one label" and then "flip" the label before typing the names. Once finished, I always save the file as a pdf in case I need to reprint a label. 

I hope this helps... thanks again for all that you guys do and that AIG offers via materials, etc., for us to use to prepare for and to have during VBS.  

Blessings... we are continuing with AIG's VBS next year -- our 8th!