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No, not at this time. A number of people have requested this, so it's possible we'll add this feature in the future.

Team leader coordinators can only see members of their own team in MyAnswers. That Role is intended to allow team leaders to manage attendance for just their own team.

As you were a team leader for a single team, MyAnswers was only showing you students in your team. Obviously, since you are a director as well as a team leader, it shouldn't have limited you. I'll alert the developers to work on that.

For now, I have removed your Team Leader role, so you'll have the ability to work with all students.

Yes, that is correct.

At present, you can only update the current day's attendance. As a result, the buttons will only appear during your event.

If you'd like to be able to play around with the feature so you can be sure it will meet your needs, you can set up a new "test" event that starts today. Just click the MyAnswers logo to go to your event dashboard where you can add another event. As long as you don't publish your public page, no one will be able to see it. 


It should be working in Chrome. I tested printing your rosters in multiple browsers and, with the exception of Edge, it is working for me.

I assume you're using the "Print Full Team Roster" action on the Manage All Students page. What is happening? Are you getting any sort of error message? Is a print dialog opening?

Also, what operating system are you using?

You just did. 

We are active on this support forum. If your issue involves private information like email addresses, there is also an option to post privately, which creates a support ticket that cannot be seen publicly. Either way, we're monitoring and available to help.

We are currently having issues with printing from Microsoft Edge. Our developers will work on getting that corrected as soon as possible. For now, you will need to use another browser, such as Chrome or Firefox.

The closest we have to that is the team roster, that can be printed from the Manage Students page in the People section.

For creating reports that we don't automatically create, you can download the student data as a CSV file. You can hide or delete the columns you don't want and print it off.

No, there is currently no way to change past day's attendance data. We do plan on enhancing the attendance functionality in the future, but that probably won't be happening for this VBS season. 

No, VBS Director does not include support for a reminder email at this time.

If you want to completely disable Student registration, you can do that and leave the rest up. There is a toggle switch on the Promote page to enable or disable the public registration forms.

You can add a message to the registration forms, if you wish. Just go to the Forms page in the Settings section. You can add a field of type "Display Only Text" to display your message.

Of course, you can also pur whatever message you like on the "home page" of your public page.