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The Unit 3 materials were scheduled to be available in mid-October. The physical materials became available and were shipped early. However, the downloadable resources are not yet ready. We still expect them be available for download in mid-October.

I'm not sure whether or not someone from the ABC team contacted you directly, but I just got an update from them. They identified the missing videos and have added them to the download. So those videos should be available for download now.

Thanks for alerting us to the problem.

I've passed your question on to the team who should know the answer to this. I'll make sure you're updated when we know more.

If you're referring to the Answers Bible Curriculum downloads, they're available here:

You'll need to enter the code from the inside cover of the teacher's guide to access the downloads.

More details can be found here: How do I download the resources?

We do expect to have that theme enabled in Director for next year.

Sorry for the delay in responding to your question.

Right now, the MyAnswers Director is only set up for VBS.  You can update your public page's content to include some verbiage about Answers Bible Curriculum, but that's all you can do for now. (We will be adding additional functionality in the future, though)

Ths forum is primarily for technical support, so I'm not an expert on the contents of the lessons. I believe that we do not have sheet music, but you can download chord sheets for the memory verse music used for second grade through middle school.

I have emailed the ABC content team to confirm my understanding. If I hear something different back from them, I'll update you