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The downloadable resources for unit 4 aren't available, yet.

In order to avoid getting ahead of our production schedule and risk completing unit 4 before unit 5 is available, we do not recommend beginning to teach unit 4 before January 28th. Many of our staff are out of the office due to the Thanksgiving holiday, so I can't get an estimated date for the availability of the downloadable resources right now. However, they will definitely be available well before the end of January. I'll get you an ETA as soon as I can.

I have forwarded your question to the team that handles the content for ABC. We'll update you as soon as we find out what is going on.


I converted your post to a separate topic.

I don't see any Justin and Jessie story associated with the web address "". Is it possible the correct link is (with a final slash character rather than the number 7)?

If the printed materials do say to go to jj27, please let me know what lesson that is from so I can track down what content should be at that link.


If you correctly enter the code from the inside cover of the Unit 2 teacher's guide you will be granted access. Be aware that the code includes both a numeric "0" and an alphabetic "O." These must be entered correctly. (The numeric comes before the alphabetic.)

Currently, the error message that is displayed when an invalid code has been entered is not visible. Our design team has been alerted to this, but I do not have an ETA for a fix. However, if you enter a code and the new resources do not immediately appear, then the code was not entered correctly. Double-check the code and try again.

The free Thanksgiving lesson is here:

You'll need to add it to your cart and go through the checkout process. (You won't need to provide any credit card information unless you have something else in your cart.) I recommend logging into your account before you check out, as that will allow the free downloads to be immediately added to your Answers in Genesis account.

Yes, VBS Digital Director will be available for 2018.  In fact, our development team has been working on many improvements for the 2018 VBS season that we expect to launch in January.
You won’t find Digital Director on your order form because everyone gets access to the Basic version for free.  And if you purchase a Super Starter kit, you get access to the Plus version too!
If you just went with the Starter kit, you can always add Plus separately for $39 when you set up your VBS event in Digital Director.

The missing videos have been added to the available downloads.

There is a different code for each unit. Enter the code or codes from a Unit 2 teacher's guide to gain access to the appropriate Unit 2 resources.

I have passed your question on to the team that manages the content. We'll get back to you when we find out what's going on.

There was an error that caused those files to be inaccessible from outside our network. That has been corrected, so you should be able to download those files now.

I apologize for not catching that error the first time.

If you run into more difficulty, please let us know.