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We are planning to provide an easy way to reuse your VBS Director information for next year's VBS.

Unfortunately, the our previous platform (VBS Manager) is significantly different to the point that we can't provide any automated migration from that platform into VBS Director.  Our hope is that the benefits of the new tool outweigh the initial setup required. 

We plan to continue improving our MyAnswers tools like VBS Director moving forward, so rest assured that you won't have to do this again anytime soon.

I've submitted your question to our development team.  Someone will get back with you on this soon.

I've submitted your question to our development team.  Someone will get back with you on this soon.

Can you tell if the URL of the page you are trying to print looks like this?{Your Event ID}/students/1234/edit/

Assuming so, that page has no Print option unless you are printing directly from your web browser like you could print any random web page.  I attempted a print from browser and I don't see any images on that page, but in general, this is not a supported feature of VBS Director if I am understanding correctly.

Could you describe your process for printing the student information so I can look into this for you?

We have enhanced the student management interface to allow for printing only a portion of the name tags for students.  You can read a more detailed description on the following similar topic:

Please try editing students once again.  There was a temporary issue this morning that should be resolved now.


I'd be happy to pass along your suggestion, but first I would like to confirm a few things to make sure I understand.

1. Are you referring to the Leadership Chart found here?[your ID here]/leadership-chart/

2. Are you asking to have the coordinators and volunteers grouped by role?  Be aware that since people can fill multiple roles, so this is something we may not be able to accomodate.

Our development and design teams are happy to announce a new simplified and enhanced student management interface.

Many of you pointed out shortcomings in the old tool.  We listened, went back to the drawing board, and built something we hope you'll find far more helpful to managing your VBS students!

Here's a quick example of how you can print nametags for 1st graders only.

1. From the Manage Students page, click the filter dropdown and change it from All to 1st Grade.  This should show you a list of all 1st Graders.

2. Click the checkbox above the list to select all students listed (1st Graders).

3. From the Actions dropdown on the right, select Print Selected Nametags (With/Without Background).

Please let us know how this new interface works for everyone.