I would also like to point out that right in the lesson guide books, There is a note that the required lesson and supplementary materials can be accessed from the Teacher Digital Resources under Lesson 113, (or whichever lesson). Why would the curriculum include such a note in each lesson if you needed to purchase the digital access portion. 


I would like echo Kelly's comment. We have already purchased the curricula. There must be an alternative to those who do not need the digital access to print the class notes and supporting materials. In the past, these resources were included on a CD/DVD format. The only reason I go to website is to save and print the materials that we will use for each week.

I am very confused about this change.  We too have spent hundreds of dollars for the print materials, but with this change there is NO way to get access to coloring pages and lesson notes.  My teachers are not going to have any of the materials that are needed for the lessons.  Will the access code (that we rely on) no longer work?  Can we get access to black line masters?  I know, old school, but that's what we need.  Please let us know so we can support our teachers.

Under review

Thank you all for sharing your concerns regarding the digital resources you were promised with the print materials.

To be clear, the digital resources unlocked with codes from your print ABC materials will remain free. They can be accessed here: https://myanswers.com/edu/resources/

Unfortunately, it seems the green banner starting with "Your free access ends on January 11" that was intended for display within the ABC Digital platform was inadvertently was left on the ABC resources page. We apologize for the confusion and will work to improve the messaging soon.

These resources are also included with our ABC Digital platform which some of you may have been trying out over the past year.  This tool provides more than extra digital resources—it allows access to the lesson materials on any device, plus you can download and print PDF versions of the lesson materials for your use.  ABC Digital is moving from an early access "beta" to a subscription platform starting January 11th.

Again, for those of you who just want to unlock the resources you've been using with your print materials, no subscription to ABC Digital is required.

If you need any further assistance, please let us know by opening a support ticket here and we'll get to it as soon as we can.

Again, we apologize for the confusion caused by having the "free access ending" message on the ABC Resources page. The green bar with that message has now been removed. Thank you all for your feedback and concerns—it helps a lot with locating areas to improve on!



I see it says those who want to unlock the resources you've been using with your print materials, no subscription to ABC Digital is needed, then what is ABC Digital?

Can you make a table of what was available and what is available? I'm so lost with all of the words.  What are the extra digital resources?  There's so much vocabulary.  I'm confused about what I'm going to be locked out of and what I'll still be able to get.  

ABC Resource pageABC Digital platform

Hello Heather,

Please see the following image regarding the differences between ABC Digital and our ABC Resources. Let me know if you have any questions! 


Benjamin Sherrick

Hi, we've purchased about 3/4 of the print edition for my church's use because the rest were not available when I first started purchasing the curriculum. For the rest of the lessons that we are intending to buy, will we be able to access them on the digital platform? Will it be separate from the ones that we have already purchased? Or should we just subscribe to your digital platform and don't need to buy the print edition?


So, if you purchase the print materials, you will be able to access the extra online content via our ABC Resources page. However, if you subscribe to the digital platform, you technically do not need to purchase the print edition as it will be included digitally in ABC Digital. 

Please see the image in the previous post about what is included with ABC Digital. Hopefully, this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.


Benjamin Sherrick