how do I mark volunteer attendance?

Under review

We don't currently provide the ability to track volunteer attendance. I'll pass the suggestion on to the team for consideration as a possible future enhancement.


That seems like a necessary item for attendance, as we include our workers in our total attendance figures. Plus for security, it would seem you would need to have a total attendance figure available if there was an emergency.


Hello Patricia, in case you hadn't noticed yet, we do now support attendance tracking for volunteers. To go to attendance roster, go to People -> Attendance (on the left list).

I know we can track Volunteer attendance if the volunteer is a leader in a class/team but I don't see where we can track attendance for people working in crafts, food, Bible study....... Any suggestions?

Hi D, It looks like what you did would have been what I would have recommended; register those volunteers as students and put them in separate groups that don't rotate, then you can use our attendance feature for them as well.